IMBAREX: New production plant set up in Pisco

nueva planta de producción en nuestro fundo de Pisco

With the installation of a new plant, Imbarex directly processes fresh raw material obtained from its own farmlands

In the year 2011, when Imbarex already had its first processing plant in Lurín, the company’s plans for increasing its production levels were just starting. At that time, 2,000 hectares were acquired in Pisco (Department of Ica) at approximately 230 kilometers south of the city of Lima. Six years later, a new processing plant was implemented to allow the company to directly process raw material obtained from its own farmlands, decreasing cost and time of transportation.

Designed for process optimization, this modern processing plant offers wide areas and improved water availability for operations. Additionally, the company is now able to prepare its own compost, material used as fertilizer, which reduces the amount of waste obtained from its production processes.

Currently, Imbarex operates carmine and annatto processing plants  in Pisco. A third processing plant is in process of being established.

Due to our plant’s production in Lurín and Pisco, natural colorings and ingredients are currently export from Imbarex to more than 50 countries around the world. Having our own farmlands allows us to ensure supply to our customers and meet the highest quality standards. We have international branches in Barcelona – Spain (local supply in EU), Mexico, and recently in Brazil. If you want to learn more about our service and products please contact our sales force here, we will gladly help you with any questions and concerns.



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