IMBAREX Supplier of Carmine Dye

supplier of carmine dye

IMBAREX is a Peruvian company, leader in the manufacturing and distribution of natural colors and additives. We began operations in the year 2000 with the vision of adding value to Peru´s natural resources throughout our extended lands, variety of flora and fauna. We export our products to more than 50 countries in 4 continents, to the food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical, industries, focusing in natural products that are able to add value as well, to other products.

It’s the case of Cochineal Carmine, a red dye extracted from Cochineal insect, found in Tuna plants. IMBAREX has a vast agricultural field where we cultivate Tuna plants from where we collect Cochineal to produce a variety of dyes, including: Carmine Lake, Carmine Water soluble powder and Liquid Carmine. This dyes provide a red color to different food products and different usages. For example, Carmine Lake is used in cosmetic products like lipsticks and makeup. Carmine water soluble powder is better used in sausages and meats, while Liquid Carmine is commonly used in beverages, yogurts and ice-creams.

We have now settled in different markets focusing in the different needs of our clients, becoming producers, distributers and suppliers of Carmine dye of the best quality. With our 4 headquarters in Barcelona, Mexico City, Sao Paulo and Lima, we’ve established as a worldwide manufacturer and supplier of carmine dye.

With dominance in markets like South America and Europe, we’ll be tempting to penetrate to markets and expanding our business to new borderlines.

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