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North America is a growing market for Cochineal Extract

Historically, innovation in the processed foods industry hasn’t been growing as its sales. However, with a higher interest in healthy products, the industry has been witness of great changes.

It’s no surprise that the market for organic and natural products grows by the day. Lead by a naturist way of life, more people take conscience on what they consume, buy and eat. This new wave has opened a big door for natural products, such as colorants and additives in food, which found an opportunity to nurture from it, and nurture their clients, and therefore, the world.

Many supporters of healthy lifestyles sustain that this natural based dyes are, by far, better than coal of petroleum based-colorings. Cochineal Carmine continues to be widely used because it is such a stable, safe and long-lasting additive whose color is little affected by heat or light.

Nowadays, Cochineal Carmine has a specific use in the market, mainly as a food colorant. It has been used for over two centuries in the industry as an additive for various forms of meat products, (specifically in sausages), processed snacks and beverages.

Peru leads the market in Carmine production on the world, with 95%. And so, IMBAREX, as a Peruvian producer and supplier of this natural colors, has a fair share of the market with headquarters in Sao Paulo, Mexico City and Barcelona, as well as its central one in Lima, distributes carmine and colorants over 50 countries in 4 different continents.

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