The Importance of Natural Colorants in Brazil

industria alimentaria en Brasil

Brazil is considered a developed country with over 200 million inhabitants; this is the reason why food industry is one of the most important in this country.

The food industry is one of the most resilient sectors of Brazilian economy and is increasingly investing in manufacture and higher value-added products with niches in the international market.

Population growth in Brazil was one of the aspects that raised the need for the development of a support structure in several areas, especially in the food and beverage industry. High market demands have made the country one of the world’s largest food product exporters, especially of dairy and beef. The livestock industry is a very important sector for Brazilian economy.

In addition, Brazilian agriculture has been a determining factor in this economic expansion. Although the country only allocates a small percentage of its vast territory to the development of agriculture, we would say there has been an explosive growth in food industry.

The Brazilian food industry is especially represented by product industries, such as meat, beverages, and dairy, with products that follow world consumption trends.

At IMBAREX, with our new Sao Paulo headquarters, we identified a great need in the market through one of our main products: carmine. This product is mainly used in meat and dairy products, but also has other applications in various industries.

In general, IMBAREX manufactures quality products with international certification in this industry. For more information about our services, please contact our sales force here.



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