Importance of Natural Colorants in new snacks

avances tecnologicos que permiten llegar a los tonos de color deseados para snacks

A recent study of consumer behavior in Europe revealed that 82% of consumers are concerned about their health and fitness, leaving strong pressure on food and beverage companies to innovate on the sensory aspects of products while at the same time meeting rigorous demands for healthy choices
The shift in consumer behavior towards a greater concern for fitness and health reflects the long-term shift towards a healthy lifestyle, greatly accelerated by the hit of the pandemic, emphasizing the importance of a good diet for the wellness
Among the most important changes in the composition of the snacks is the color. Snacks are leaving aside the use of artificial colors in favor of the use of natural colors, consequently bringing a greater focus on “clean label” products.
At IMBAREX we have natural colorants that are perfect for use in all kinds of snacks. Contact us here and our group of experts will be able to advise you with the right colorant for your product.



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