Importance of natural colors in food

importancia de los colores naturales en los alimentos

Food products are first judged by color. If they do not look good in terms of color, they will not be accepted by consumers. The perception we have of food flavors begins when we are babies and is given through color, and continues to progress throughout our lives.

In the case of the color red for example, this means that the food is delicious, red becomes the most striking color, and causes the sensation of hunger in human beings. That is why it is the most used in packaging design, associating it with sweetness and flavor. In the case of yellow, it is perceived as the most positive of all and the most cheerful. It is used in a great variety of food products, awakening optimism and good feelings in people. On the other hand, it also has a meaning of youth and attracts the youngest for its consumption. Green is a color that indicates good health, it is the color of organic and sustainability, thus becoming one of the most requested colors by the food industry, being a synonym of well-being, prosperity and good health. Finally, orange is a color that transmits energy, making people happy and provoking them to carry out activities, and is also related to vitality.

The visual appeal of the different products influences our purchasing decisions, that is why it is necessary to analyze well which color you want to obtain to generate what you are looking for with the product. For more information about our natural colorants and their applications and different shades, click on the following LINK and you will be contacted by a representative, who will recommend the ideal natural colorant for your product.



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