In the Plant-Based trend the color red is a necessity

in the plant bssed trend the color red is a necessity

The trend for vegan or vegetarian products is growing steadily, even though in general the importance of this market is not very noticeable. Little by little there are more and more vegan or vegetarian options in supermarkets and restaurants, and this is due to the growth of consumers in this category.

The reason many of the vegan alternatives have a meat-like appearance is to help consumers adapt to the trend by offering formulations that resemble current non-vegan options. This is where the role of colors comes in, helping to achieve reddish or pinkish tones that can remain the same and in the thermal process go away and thus similar to the effect that meat has before and after cooking.

But each product has its own characteristics and special conditions, and that is why we recommend you to contact one of our representatives through the following LINK, who will provide you with the exact product for your needs.

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