Natural Food Colorants – Carmine

colorante alimentario carmín

Carmine is one of the oldest natural colorings and, probably, has the best technological characteristics among the natural ones. This means that it has the best coloring power; besides, using a natural coloring does not mean you have to sacrifice the natural brightness of food, for example.

Currently, natural colorings are increasingly popular because they are safe for consumption and because, in contrast to the artificial ones, they do not have negative effects. Besides, more and more people are concerned about the origin of ingredients for the preparation of canned foods and makeup. That is why more and more industries are choosing natural colorings.

Cochineal Carmine, which is a very versatile natural coloring, provides great value to different industries that use it to elaborate various products that require a red to pink color.

– In the Food Industry. It is used in any product requiring a strawberry red tone, such as hamburgers, sausages (chorizos), crab sticks, fish and seafood substitutes, and different animal source foods. It is also used to give color to alcoholic drinks and non-alcoholic drinks such as fruit juices, powdered drinks and energy drinks. In jelly, jams, cherries, powdered soups; strawberry-flavored dairy products (yogurts and milkshakes) and it can also be found in candies and other sweets. In fact, you just need to read the package of any strawberry-red tone product to find out that Carmine is part of its ingredients.

– In the Pharmaceutical Industry. Powdered Carmine or solution is used in the preparation of pills and tablets. As an alkaline solution, it is used in toothpastes, mouthwashes, etc.

– In the Cosmetic Industry. It is used in products for the eyes, facial powders, eyeliners and lipsticks, eye shadows, etc.



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