Increasing consumption of Yacon Syrup in the food industry

incremento del consumo de yacon en la industria de alimentos

Find out how and why Yacon is being increasingly included in people’s diets

Yacon is a Peruvian plant that has been growing for centuries in the Andes Mountains and its cultivation has extended from Ecuador and Colombia to Argentine Northwest. It produces very juicy edible roots of beige or yellow-orange pulp with purple marks. It has a crunchy texture.

This tuber was widely used by the Peruvian population for its illness-relieving properties. Because of the sweetness of its thick roots, it is also consumed as a fresh fruit. Also, people used to expose the tuber to the sun for a few days to make it sweeter.

Yacon syrup is being increasingly used mainly due to its benefits as an excellent alternative to sugar. Also, it is a very easy-to-eat food, making it a highly nutritive and convenient product. It can be eaten in the same way as apples, for example in salads, baked or boiled.

According to the study Summary of Yacon, its main benefits are: Weight loss, decreased bowel transit time, increased colon mineral absorption, diabetes reducer, reduced blood glucose level, among others.

Moreover, according to the study Does Yacon Syrup Really Work for Weight Loss?  Yacon syrup is known as a probiotic food: it produces a non-digestible fiber that enhances consumers’ health by stimulating a group of beneficial bacteria, improving bowel balance and thus regulating gastrointestinal disorders, and preventing infections in the digestive system.

Yacon is traditionally consumed as fresh fruit or syrup. However, due to the increased demand for this product, it is also consumed in other presentations, such as raisins, flakes, paste, tea, and flour.

At IMBAREX, we produce precisely a syrup obtained after a process of purification and concentration of Yacon extract.  It contains fructooligosaccharides or FOS, classified as a prebiotic. This component does not raise blood glucose levels, so it can be consumed by diabetics. For more information about our products and their uses, please contact our sales force here.

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