Liquid Dyes

colorante líquido para alimentos

IMBAREX natural dyes is a leading Peruvian company in the production of natural dyes. Since the beginning of its operations, IMBAREX has sought to produce high quality natural dyes, thus providing added value to the raw materials that originate in Peru.

IMBAREX specializes in the development, production and manufacture of high quality natural dyes following all international standards and norms.

Depending on the application that a dye will have, manufacturers have to determine whether it is better to apply a liquid or a powder dye. Often, depending on the dye production process, the liquid presentation of a dye is only a solution of the powder version, for this reason, liquid dyes are usually offered in a lower concentration presentation. Powdered dyes will be more concentrated and will achieve the same staining with a smaller amount.

These are some of the liquid dyes that IMBAREX offers:

Liquid carmine:
IMBAREX Liquid Carmine is a dark violet solution produced from Cochineal Carmineal Acid. It is obtained by aqueous extraction, followed by a dilution process. It provides an intense red colour.

Liquid Norbixin:
IMBAREX’s liquid Norbixin is a dark brown liquid, obtained from the Annatto seed (Bixa Orellana). The pigment is extracted using an aqueous alkaline method, followed by neutralisation with inorganic acid and finally diluted in a basic solution. After this process the stabilizing agents are added.

Paprika oleoresin
Paprika IMBAREX Oleoresin is a dark red-orange viscous liquid. It is obtained through a solvent extraction of Paprika (Capsicum anuum L.) produced on the coast of Peru. It is then diluted with vegetable oil

Imbarex is a supplier of natural dyes with international presence, we have offices in Mexico City, Barcelona and Sao Paulo in Brazil, where we keep a wide stock of our products for local distribution and from where we also distribute our products to more than 50 countries worldwide for the food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical industry, etc.

For more information about our products please contact one of our sales representatives at the following link.



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