Natural Beverage Dyes Trend

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Today’s consumers are looking for their food and beverages to offer an extra benefit. Since the trend tells us that they are adopting healthier lifestyles, a product that benefits health is much more attractive. That is why brands that contain colors that relate to nature are sure to increase the visual appeal of consumers. As a fact, colors will help up to 6% in increasing the purchase decision.

When developing and launching a new functional beverage, manufacturers must consider a number of factors that will appeal to consumers, who are increasingly health-conscious, adopting a holistic approach to their own well-being, and are looking for solutions that contribute to their personal health and constantly changing needs.

Companies producing various types of beverages can use this to arouse the curiosity of consumers, who will relate the product to joy, enthusiasm and hope. They will relate colors such as orange to vitamin C, associate it with citrus fruits, and freshness will be linked to the benefit to the immune system that it can generate.

Analyzing global data on new product launches, we confirm that beverage companies are recognizing the importance of using simpler and cleaner ingredients, including natural colorants.

Producers of beverages, whether juice-based, carbonated beverages or flavored waters, are increasingly appealing to consumers with shades of orange, which in the consumer’s mind are reminiscent of antioxidant and vitamin-packed fruit nutrients.

The possibility of shades in natural colorants is almost endless, not to say that it is a bit more complex to formulate with them, but there is almost always a solution available. Without sacrificing color intensity, using natural colorants can generate a competitive and naturally colorful advantage.

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