Natural Brown Dye

usos de la norbixina

At IMBAREX natural dyes we have been developing, producing and marketing high quality natural dyes that meet all international specifications and requirements for 20 years.

As part of our effort to offer alternatives of natural origin for our clients, our specialised laboratory is dedicated to creating combinations of natural dyes which we call natural colours.

These natural dyes are generally liquid in consistency and are created for a specific application and colouring unlike other dyes in our portfolio such as cochineal carmine which comes in powder form and has multiple applications.

A colour that is extremely difficult to achieve using natural dyes is brown, however, at IMBAREX we can offer our natural brown L1 and L2 dyes which are dark brown liquids, soluble in water, produced from cochineal carmine acid, chlorophyll, emulsifiers, water, curcumin in the case of L1 and norbixin in the case of L2.

Both provide a light to dark brown tone in the final product although their shade will vary depending on the product (pH) and the amount used.

This natural brown colouring can be applied to drinks that want to imitate the colour of chocolate as well as to brown candies. Ideally you should share with us the product in which the dye will be used in order to advise you in the best way.

IMBAREX specialises in the development, production and manufacture of high quality natural dyes in accordance with all international standards and regulations.

We currently offer dyes that achieve a wide range of colours. We have offices in Lima, Mexico, Sao Paulo and Barcelona from where we supply more than 50 clients on all continents.

We have a vast experience in development, consultancy, sales and after sales service. For more information about this or other specialty dyes please contact one of our sales representatives at the following link.



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