Natural colorants, a healthier option

natural colorants, a healthier option

There are two types of food colorings: natural and synthetic. The synthetic ones have their advantages, but when we want a healthier option it is inevitable to think about natural colorants, being these extracted from nature, helping not only in the attractiveness of food, but also providing nutritional benefits.

The reasons why our natural colorants are special is that they are totally natural, being extracted in the best way and without using chemical products. We also accommodate to our customers’ needs, that is why we customize the natural colorants depending on our customers and what they need. As well as their shelf life is very good, they last some more than synthetic colors. Using advanced technologies we have managed to eliminate all kinds of odors from our natural dyes so as not to compromise our customers’ food. And finally, our colorants are healthy and bring nutritional value to food, benefiting the consumer.

Our natural colorants are applied in several products, such as beverages, chocolates, ice cream, frozen foods, sausages, meats, eggs, etc. Making them more attractive to consumers, thus increasing purchase intent. To receive personalized advice on which natural colorant is best for your product, please contact one of our representatives by clicking on the following LINK.



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