Natural Colorants: Color Intensity

Natural Colors Intensity

There are some myths that revolve around the use of natural colorants as an additive in food products, unfortunately many of these myths are unfounded misconceptions and generalizations regarding the performance of natural colors.

Consumers believe that products with more vibrant colors will taste better, have superior sweetness, and be more attractive. Brighter color raised Intent to Buy scores by nearly 6% on eight different products; this kind of difference could mean tens of millions of dollars in larger categories.

As mentioned earlier, color plays a crucial role in determining consumer preference because it depends on the consumer to be attractive enough. In that study, purchase intention scores increased by about 5% by simply changing the intensity of the color to a more vibrant one. Preference scores were up to 5 times higher when comparing products that were identical in composition, but different in color. So yes, color plays a key role in consumer choice.

With the data obtained from the comparison, there is no doubt that it is the color that can make the difference between a successful launch and/or renewal and those that failed because they did not meet consumer expectations.

If color then plays such an important role in consumer decision making, should we opt for artificial colors because they work better? Would using natural colorants be sacrificing the brilliance of the tone? Well, it’s not true! You don’t have to sacrifice the intensity of color with the use of natural additives in food. With the advancement of technology, brands can give a lively color to food products based on natural dyes without compromising the intensity of them.

Today, recent advances and innovations allow natural colorants to truly surpass the capabilities of artificial tones. That is, as long as natural dyes are used correctly.

Even today, there are more possibilities of shades available with natural colors than with artificial ones.

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