Natural Colorants in Food

natural colorants in food

Although you might not know this, processed foods have many additives, pigments and colorants. The thing is to know which of this are natural products, and which are synthetic chemicals that might be harmful for you.

In IMBAREX, we produce and supply too many companies in the food industry around the word. We have clients in 4 continents and over 50 countries. And they all prefer us, due are process of production, that secures a quality product, durable, stable to environmental factors, and very safe for its use in processed foods, such as: sausages, beverages, bakery, yogurts, snacks, cheeses, and more.

When it comes to natural colorants in food, we consider 3 main things to be the core of our production and manufacture philosophy in all of our additives and dyes:

Stability: we assure that our dyes are stable to light, heat, oxygen exposure and time. This means, that if you use our colorants in any of your products, the color, texture and density of the dye won’t change in any of this factors, so it allows liberty for the product to be transported, manipulated and even stored for over two years without risk of losing its properties.

Purity: our additives have an advanced manufacture process that produces a high quality pigment, assuring by our lab and personnel that we deliver only the best of what we make in the plant, giving an added value to your product.

Variety: not only in diversity of colors, but also in the range of a specific color. We have colors that go from carmine red, through annatto yellow, to chlorophyll green, and in every of this colors, we provide a range of tones for specific needs of our clients. Maybe a more intense blood-red for beverages, and a more orangey color for sausages and meats.

This are some of our natural colorants:

Colorantes y Aditivos España

Carmine red (form violet to red-orangey)


Annatto yellow (from pale yellow to orange)


Chlorophyll green (mint)


Paprika orange


Curcumin yellow (from pale yellow to mustard color)


Hibiscus red (a more purple red than carmine)



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