Natural colorants for cocktail coloring

Trends on consumption patterns are always changing, we are not looking for products with the same characteristics as we were five or ten years ago. Currently, the world is living a strong trend of natural consumption; this means that everyday customers are demanding the use of natural additives in the products, leaving out products that still uses toxic, artificial ingredients. While this trend stronger in food and beverage that are considered healthy, we can find it in any kind of product, even in cocktails, where natural colorants are demanded to be the agent of coloring of these drinks

Natural colorants for coloring cocktails are made from different sources, including vegetables, fruits and others. These colorants are not only natural but also they came from renewables and cleaner sources, making it friendlier to the environment

With the advance in the technology of extraction of colorants from the raw materials, natural colorants are as reliable as artificial colorants, in several cases are even more reliable than synthetics ones, making them the natural replacement of the latter

In IMBAREX we have a wide portfolio of natural colorants that suits perfect for its application in any kind of product. Contact us here so our team of experts can help you with the choose of the perfect fit for your product



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