Natural Colorants for desserts

colorantes naturales para postres frios

With the arrival of the Christmas and New Year holidays, desserts gain a space on almost every table in the world, although these consumption habits have been a constant over the years, what is changing are the ingredients used in the same desserts consumed year after year.
Currently the world market is experiencing a change in consumption patterns, the global consumer is now looking for products with less synthetic ingredients and more natural ingredients.
One of the most outstanding cases is the dessert known as “red velvet”, previously natural red dyes were used to achieve that attractive color characteristic of this cake, however, nowadays the producers of this dessert are rapidly changing to the use of carmine thanks to its stability to heat and light, which allows it to be the preferred replacement of the artificial red dye.
At IMBAREX we have a portfolio of natural colorants perfect for use in all types of desserts. Contact us here so our consultants can help you choose the right colorant for your product.

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