Natural Colorants for Flavors and Fragrances

natürliche farbstoffe für aromen

Flavors and fragrances are additives, which are used in the food industry, to give a food a characteristic smell and taste.

Although fragrance and flavor are the most important qualities of these components, color plays a very important role, since it is the colorants that give it that attractive color that is so striking in juices, sauces, dressings, etc. Or in the case of ice cream or yoghurt, although the fruit itself gives a certain natural colour, without colouring agents, the products would look cloudy and opaque, or would simply lose their colour very quickly and could not be properly preserved.

This is how the dyes for fragrances and flavours were developed, which are dyes of synthetic or natural origin that are used to provide a visual identity in accordance with the odour and flavour it transmits. Thus, citrus flavors for example will have a yellow or green coloring while odors and flavors derived from fruits such as raspberry, cherry etc. will have a reddish coloring.

An excellent natural dye for fragrances and flavours is cochineal carmine. This dye of natural origin, has a variety of shades from pink to dark purple. It has excellent color stability and a long shelf life.

At IMBAREX, we are proud to produce natural colorants of the highest quality such as Cochineal Carmine, Anatto, Paprika, Curcumina, Colorofila among others. Our products are successfully used for the production of aromas, fragrances, flavors, meat products, candies, pulps, pharmaceutical products among others.

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