Natural colorants for icings


In the global food industry, there is a vertical growth trend towards the use of natural colorants in all products alike. One of the largest food industries is the confectionery industry, where the use of synthetic additives is being increasingly abandoned and priority is being given to products with natural additives.
However, an important detail to highlight in the case of desserts is the use of natural colorants not only in the dessert itself, but also in the added products that act as decorations, such as candies, icings and icings.
The icing on cakes is the most used decoration in the world, so it is important that these also use natural dyes so that producers can offer a product that meets the stringent demands of today’s consumers.
At IMBAREX we have a portfolio of natural colorants perfect for use in all types of confectionery products. Contact us here to advise you with the right colorant for your product.



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