Natural Colorants in children’s products


Coffee is an energizing beverage that plays a very important role in the global market. Coffee has been with us for several hundred years when its antioxidant and energetic properties were discovered, and it soon became the beverage of choice for almost the entire adult population in the world.
As a result of the popularity of coffee, multiple beverages derived from it began to be born, both hot and cold beverages. Currently, if there is one coffee-based beverage that has one of the highest positions in popularity, it is the “frappes”.
The large coffee chains have been adapting to an increasingly demanding and competitive market. Due to this, more and more colorful frappes began to appear, combining 2 or more colors to achieve a more eye-catching beverage.
With the change in the trend towards the use of natural colorants, the major players in the coffee market began to feel the pressure of their regular consumers to abandon the use of synthetic colorants. Thus, the largest coffee chains are opting to use colorants from carmine, turmeric or chlorophyll, in response to the demand of their consumers.
At IMBAREX we have a wide range of natural colorants perfect for use in all types of beverages. Contact us to advise you in choosing the right colorant for your product.



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