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natural colorants cosmetics Annatto im Make-up

Did you know that the colorant is the only cosmetic ingredient regulated by the FDA?

For the cosmetics industry, HT carmines are one of the most widely used natural colorants because they provide high shades of red and yellow. In cosmetics, red lip and face pastes have historically been called “carmine”.

Carmine is used in lipsticks, facial powders, eye pencils, shadows, enamels, make-up bases, etc. From the point of view of quality the cosmetic industry is the most demanding, only accepts high purity carmine that matches in tone with their patterns of quality and color. In IMBAREX we manufacture the types

of Carmine adapted to the needs of each user. Another pigment used in this industry is the purple carmine CM, but a lower frequency.

Bixin and Norbixin are also used in the cosmetics industry. Both are natural colours from Annatto (annatto seed pulp). In the case of the former it is liposoluble and is used in products that require a shade that can vary between yellow and brown.

Norbixin is the part of the colouring of the water-soluble Annatto and has a yellow-red/brown shade.

Bixin and norbixin are used in the cosmetics industry for the manufacture of creams, lipsticks, suntan lotions and as an insect repellent.


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