Natural Colors for Candies

colorantes para caramelos

Candies are foods usually prepared from molten sugar. These are consumed mostly in its solid and to a lesser extent in its liquid presentation which is sometimes used as a cover for other preparations such as custard.

To the solid candies also known as lollipops or popsicles are usually added fruit flavor, some herb or sometimes even antibacterial drugs or painkillers.

Candy is often a favorite among children because of its pleasant sweet taste and color. This is why manufacturers seek to use bright colors for their products. Ideally, candy manufacturers will use natural dyes since they are not harmful to health like some artificial colors and also because of their nutritional value.

Confectionery products represent a unique and growing area for natural color applications. While typically not seen as healthy, sugar and gum confectionery products meet the important consumer need states of fun and enjoyment – especially for children. Today’s natural color market offers a wide variety of natural color options for confectionery products – making them bolder and brighter than ever before!

At IMBRAEX we offer different Natural Colors for Candies such as cochineal carmine and annatto. With these colors you can achieve eye-catching colors and preserve the nutritional level of your product.

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