Natural Colors for Yogurt

colorantes naturales para yogures

Today there is a trend towards healthy and responsible consumption,

where the consumer chooses options free of artificial additives and from renewable natural sources. Natural colorants have their own personality, rich color palettes, and great fixing power. They are called “natural” because they are coloured pigments obtained from animal, vegetable or mineral raw materials.

Natural colorants are generally considered harmless and consequently the specific limitations in their use are less than those affecting artificial colorants. That is why they have a great demand in those applications, one of which are yogurts within the dairy industry.

To improve the appearance of dairy products, the dairy industry uses various dyes. This advance offers consumers the possibility of consuming a final product made with 100% natural elements. In addition, the process does not require industrial extraction, which implies a more environmentally friendly process.

Within Yogurts, there is a variety of flavors which we consume on a daily basis. You may not know how these colors are obtained from your favorite yogurt flavors. At IMBAREX, we produce colorants which can be applied to yogurts. For strawberry flavored yogurt we mainly use liquid carmine, as well as water-soluble. Depending on the dose of carmine, you can get the color for a strawberry yogurt, raspberry or cherry.

For the lemon-green colour, turmeric can be mixed with chlorophyll. Chlorophyll alone can be applied to achieve a traditional verne colour or for a mint-flavoured yogurt. On the other hand, turmeric can be applied for the colour of pineapple yogurt. All of the above are mainly applied in liquid form.

For melon or peach yogurt, stable liquid norbixin can be used. A mild dose for melon and a strong dose for peach. On the other hand, if you want to get a grape or purple color, the purple liquid carmine (LCM AMD) is the ideal to achieve it.

As well as the examples mentioned above, IMBAREX produces high quality natural dyes that are perfect for achieving any colour within the Yogurt industry. In case you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact our sales force here.




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