Natural Colors in Confectionery

colores naturales en la confitería

In the confectionery industry very typically the product will be bright and colorful, providing an indulgence and fun factor through them. Since in this segment the purchase is driven by factors such as fun, experience, authenticity, indulgence and childhood memories.

But consumption habits are changing, with a trend towards the reduction of sugar, calories and fat, as well as the incorporation of minerals and vitamins mainly in the child population, who are the main market within this industry. That is why the use of artificial colors in the confectionery industry is an important issue that continues to concern consumers. Consumers are increasingly looking for natural options, free of artificial colors and additives.

This could be an opportunity for confectionery manufacturers to use natural sources in their products, to help contribute to the change of habits being their main market children, seeking to produce products with natural ingredients.

That is why in IMBAREX we offer a wide variety of natural colors, made with products of natural origin, we invite you to contact one of our representatives so they can give you more information about their application. Click on the following LINK.



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