Natural Colors in Energy Drinks

bebidas deportivas el color ya no es sinónimo de artificial

Recent studies have found that more and more global consumers are concerned about their personal health – including sleep patterns and lack of energy. Within these studies, it has been found that many of them combat this lack of energy with nutritional products, among the most consumed are energy drinks.
The main concern with energy drinks centers on the ingredients and additives used to formulate them. Large doses of sugar combined with large doses of caffeine and synthetic additives such as dyes, metabolizers and others create the perfect cocktail for the origin of numerous health problems.
When consumers inquire about colors in beverages, more than half of them focus on whether the color used is natural or artificial. Naturally, energy drinks with natural colors show a higher purchase preference
At IMBAREX we want to be part of the change in consumer behavior of these beverages by offering a diverse portfolio of colors derived from natural ingredients. Contact us here so that our group of experts can help you get the color you need.

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