Natural Colors in Jellys

natural colors in jellys

The demand for foods with natural colors continues to grow, and jellys are among the products that modern mothers want that no longer have synthetic dyes. In the past, developers did not have a rainbow of natural color systems for jellys, because it was very difficult to match natural colors to synthetic colors, which were “crystalline” to obtain orange and yellow shades.

Not so long ago, it was difficult to find a diversity of colors that are from a natural source. Now we have a much wider variety than before, and they can be bright. The colors must be water-soluble, because the gelatine powder has to be mixed, and there is a requirement for this at the emulsion stage. There must also be no “clouding”, so as not to be “cloudy” and to achieve consumer acceptance. Much of the progress is in overcoming these two challenges. Currently, the shades of synthetic colorants are not exactly matched, but they are very close to being so, and excellent options are available for gelatin producers who are ready to make the switch.

Colors across the entire color spectrum can be achieved for ready-to-eat gelatines, but additional testing must be done to avoid shelf-life stability issues. That is why we invite you to contact our commercial representatives for further details through this link.



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