Natural Colours at play in the Social Media Age

natural colours at play in the social media Age

For many people, typically more affluent consumers, food and drink has become more than a simple necessity, it is now a way of life. 

We usually say that you are what you eat, but now this has an entirely new meaning, y has to do a lot with social media. We saw that young people are willing to pay more for the products if they have something interesting to share or post in their social media apps. 

With consumers increasingly on the lookout for products that surprise and engage them, its little wonder there has been a shift towards brighter and bolder colours in recent years. 

While the adoption of vivid shades represents an opportunity for manufacturers to get their products to stand out from the crowd, it also brings different challenges. With the demand of natural products now all encompassing, choosing the right colourings has become more important than ever. 

In IMBAREX we are offering to consumers the best natural colours for many different products they eat daily.

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