Natural Dyes in Dairy Products

natural colors in milk beverage alternatives

Dairy products such as yogurts, butters, cheeses, among others, are usually associated with natural and nutritious products, especially suitable for children. However, this perception of wholesomeness does not always translate into real life.
The most outstanding case is that of Greek yogurt, this product is usually related to a 100% natural product perfect for people with a healthy lifestyle, but that is not usually accurate. When one usually reads the labels of these products, one is surprised to find that many of them use synthetic dyes, which are associated with numerous health problems.
At present, companies are already making a change towards the use of natural dyes in dairy products, in the market we can see how consumer demand is achieving a reaction in the regulations against synthetic dyes, which can be seen in the steady increase in demand for natural dyes.
IMBAREX has a portfolio of natural dyes suitable for use in all types of dairy products. Contact us here so that our staff of experts can advise you in choosing the right colorant for your product.

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