Natural Dyes vs. Synthetic Pigments

natural dyes vs. synthetic pigments

Natural dyes, such as cochineal carmine, annatto extract and oleoresin of paprika, are compound pigments, extracted from natural resources of the Peruvian lands, used in many products in different industries, with the main advantage being that as it is natural additive with no chemicals, it’s the best choice to use in products for human con consumption, as it has no harm to the body.

Other synthetic products may contain heavy metals, corrosive chemicals and other non-natural ingredients. In IMBAREX, we produce and distribute natural dyes and products to add value to our client’s products, making sure all of our natural colorants pass thought a quality procedure to assure the best results.

As synthetic pigments don’t require as many health approvals form FDA or the EU Food Commission, they tend to be cheaper and used in non-ingest products, like industrial paint, plastic colors and textiles. By the other hand, natural dyes can be expensive, but they are safe to ingest and expose to skin and body. Most products in the food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries tend to use this additives in their manufacture process, as they are not harmful for us. Sausages, cheeses, beverages, pills, lip-gloss and bakery frostings apply this colorants.

These are some of the natural dyes we produce at IMBAREX:



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