Natural Food Coloring: Carmine Powder

natural food coloring: carmine powder

Cochineal Carmine is one of the most used pigments in the food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries, due to its color properties and stability, and its natural process of production approved by the FDA.

IMBAREX Natural Colors is a leading supplier of ingredients to major food, pharmaceutical, flavour and beverage manufacturers in South America, Europe and Asia. From Annatto extract, to Paprika oleoresin, to cochineal carmine.

However, carmine has several presentations that will vary and depend on its application. The most used one is Lake carmine powder, which is a water soluble red/pink powder that blends perfectly in any mix for manufacturing other products, and has a high stability to light, heat, moist and oxygen. This way, we assure that nor the color nor the density of the powder will break and decompose.

Besides, carmine powder is as stable as colorants can be to acid and alkaline solutions. So for example, if mixed with a lemon soda or other acidic beverages, carmine won’t decompose and break down because of the acid in the drink. It would have to be a very strong beverage to be able to decompose the formula of carmine. On the other hand, the colorant responds quite well to alkaline solutions, so you won’t find any problems in that area.

This are all the variety of carmine applications we produce here at IMBAREX Natural Colorants:

-Liquid Carmine: has a lower density of color but it’s easier to mix with other manufacture ingredients.

-Carmine powder: has a higher color concentration.

-Carminic Acid: also a water soluble powder that has I higher purity concentration.


For more information about carmine or any Natural Food Coloring products or applications, please CONTACT US here so we can answer any question or doubt.

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