Natural Purple Dye

colorante morado natural

It is well known that carmine is one of the most important natural colours in the food industry thanks to its ease of application, long storage time and stability at temperature and light.

Carmine is successfully applied in the food industry for the production of sausages such as chorizo sausages, hams, chistorras, salami among others. It is also used for the production of candies, sweets, juices and drinks.

A novelty in the range of products derived from cochineal carmine is the natural purple colouring or also called “purple carmine”.

This natural purple dye is a purple powder produced from aluminium lacquer and carminic acid. This dye is obtained through aqueous extraction of the cochineal colour, like the other products derived from the cochineal.

The great attraction of this dye is that it is extremely difficult to achieve a purple colouring with dyes of natural origin. This added to the current consumer trends that look for healthy and natural alternatives makes imbarex purple carmine an excellent natural purple dye for the development of new products or to replace purple dyes of synthetic origin.

IMBAREX, specializes in the development, production and manufacture of high quality natural dyes following all international standards and norms.

We currently offer dyes that achieve a wide range of colours. We have offices in Lima, Mexico, Sao Paulo and Barcelona from where we supply more than 50 clients on all continents.

We have a vast experience in development, consultancy, sales and after sales service. For more information about purple carmine or other colours please contact one of our sales representatives at the following link. We will be happy to assist you and send you a sample.



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