Natural yellow pigment (annatto)

pigmento amarillo natural (annatto)

Annatto is a natural yellow dye. It is obtained from the seeds of the tropical tree of Achiote with a scientific name (Bixa Orellana) and its use as a pigment dates back to pre-Columbian times.

Today Annatto is one of the most widely used natural colours in the world and is applied in products such as condiments, cereals, sweets, dairy products, ice cream, cheese etc. The chemical components of Annatto are the carotenoids bixin and its derivative norbixin. These components are in charge of achieving the staining.

At IMBAREX we offer the following variants of Natural Dye E160b:  Bixin Powder, Annatto OS, Norbixin Powder, Norbixin Liquid and Norbixin Water Soluble.

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