Negative Effects of Artificial Colorings

Negative Effects of Artificial Colorings

This time we are going to talk about the effects that artificial colorants have on people. As you know color has a meaning, but this can be a general meaning that we all know or the one that we personally give them. Colors also have effects on our feelings and moods. They are mainly used to generate visual appeal.

But in addition to these effects on people, studies show that these artificial colors can be dangerous for our health and it is recommended not to eat products containing them. These dyes accelerate cancer cells in the human body, as well as generate hyperactivity in children when consumed in confectionery products, also bringing digestion problems, also generating allergies by consumption, hereditary problems in humans, and finally increases mortality in animals, so we must also be very careful with the food that is given to our pets.

That is why at IMBAREX we are aware of all these negative effects generated by artificial colorings, and based on this we recommend using our natural food colorings to give consumers a product that does not harm their health. To receive a personalized advice with one of our representatives we recommend you to click on the following LINK.



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