Paprika oleoresin in food products

paprika oleorresina en productos alimenticios

Different applications of paprika oleoresin in the food industry

Paprika (capsicum annuum) is known around the world as a powder seasoning made of certain varieties of red peppers that are dried and ground. It is mainly used to season some foods, besides adding them a reddish orange color.

There are two ways of getting oleoresin paprika. One is by soaking pellets (grains of paprika) in hexane solvents and softly agitating them. Then, the liquid is filtrated and vacuum concentrated in order to get a thicker liquid, which is the oleoresin.

On the other hand, there is a super critical process that turns CO2 into liquid so that it can act as a solvent to extract the pellets from paprika and get oleoresin + CO2. When CO2 is exposed in the environment, it disappears, so it is a healthier pollution-free extraction.

This Paprika extract can be used as a natural color, both in the food and pharmaceutical industries. There are two kinds: oil- and water-soluble oleoresin.

Oil-soluble oleoresin can be used in sauces and seasoning. Since it is in its a vegetable oil in a pure state, it is ready to be used with other oily or greasy substances. For example, butter, margarine, cheese, oil, mayonnaise and all kinds of dressing. On the other hand, water-soluble oleoresin can be used specially in certain types of beverages, soup, canned food, etc.

Paprika oleoresin is also used in cold cuts such as sausage, chorizo, mortadella, blood sausage, and ham.

In general, paprika oleoresin is usually used when a bright, vivid color is needed when making some foods. In some circumstances, it can also be mixed with carmine to get a more intense red and yellow. If you want to know more about our products, contact our sales team here.



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