Powdered dyes 

imbarex productor de colorantes naturales


IMBAREX natural dyes is a leading Peruvian company in the production of natural dyes. Since the beginning of its operations, IMBAREX has sought to produce high quality natural dyes, thus providing added value to the raw materials that originate in Peru.

IMBAREX specializes in the development, production and manufacture of high quality natural dyes following all international standards and norms.

At present, the largest quantity of natural dyes exported from Peru are powdered dyes.

This presentation presents some advantages such as greater concentrations, ease of application, greater dyeing power, ease of storage and less weight which means lower transport costs.

In IMBAREX we offer a great variety of natural dyes in powder form such as cochineal carmine, Annatto and Curcumina.

IMBAREX Water Soluble Carmine is a fine, dark purple powder, produced from Cochineal Carmine Acid. It is obtained by aqueous extraction, followed by spray drying.

IMBAREX Water-soluble Norbixin is a dark brown powder, obtained from the Annatto seed (Bixa Orellana). The pigment is extracted using an aqueous alkaline method, followed by neutralisation with inorganic acid and finally atomised in an alkaline solution.

IMBAREX Curcumin Powder is a bright yellow powder obtained from the extraction of the original Curcuma longa L. from India followed by purification and crystallization, then drying and grinding.

Imbarex is a supplier of natural dyes with an international presence. We have offices in Mexico City, Barcelona and Sao Paulo in Brazil, where we keep a large stock of our products for local distribution and from where we also distribute our products to more than 50 countries worldwide for the food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries, etc.

For more information about our products please contact one of our sales representatives at the following link.



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