Purple Dyes

colorante morado

In the food industry, one of the most difficult colours to achieve with natural dyes is purple.

Although it is true that there are artificial dyes that achieve this colouring, the use of natural dyes will always give the final product an added value that customers currently consider very important.

IMBAREX has within its portfolio, two alternatives of natural dyes to obtain a purple colouring:

Purple carmine: CM series, is a fine powder with excellent colour stability even in light. It develops very well in pH ranging from 3.8 to 8. It is dispersible in water and oil.

AMD liquid carmine acid: is a dark red solution stable to the acid produced from Cochineal Carmine Acid. It is soluble in water and in the entire pH range.

For more information about these and other colorants please contact us at the following link.


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