Reasons to switch to Natural Dyes

razones para cambiar a colorantes naturales

The costs to be paid for the use of artificial colors are high, ranging from negative cardiovascular effects that can cause heart attacks and deaths, to allergies and hyperactivity in children. That is why food producers are migrating to the use of natural dyes, demonstrating their concern for consumers and responding to the global trend of consuming products with natural ingredients.

Artificial colorants, in comparison with natural ones, generate carcinogenic effects in the human organism, as well as in children they generate hyperactivity, which accelerates the change to natural colorants, which do not generate negative effects, but rather positive effects in consumption. Another reason why the migration to natural colorants is easier is the variety of colors they offer, thanks to the research and development of these colorants, it has been possible to generate a wide variety of shades, as an alternative to artificial colorants. As well as the form that these dyes can take according to the application to be made, covering a great variety of products.

And as we know the most important reason is the health benefit that the use of natural dyes in products generates, where we would be reducing the risk of carcinogenic or cardiovascular problems, even many times gaining nutritional values that add even more for its use. That is why we recommend you to make the change for the use of these natural dyes in your products, by clicking on the following LINK you will contact one of our representatives, who will provide you with personalized advice based on your needs.



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