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bebidas alcoholicas rojas

Currently, alcoholic beverage brands are launching new products to the market that are derived from their main products but with fruity flavors.

These products are being very well accepted by young consumers and it is expected that their consumption will increase in the next years because they offer an alternative to traditional drinks, as they are usually more pleasant due to their sweeter taste and also due to their color.
It is widely documented that one of the main factors for consumers’ purchase decision is the color of the food.

Some of the examples of these alcoholic beverages are gin or pink gin and also tequila or pink mezcal. There are also some manufacturers that market flavored beers and even vodka. Manufacturers generally add to the main distillates flavoring either synthetic or natural and to reach the desired shades, the manufacturers of these drinks use colorings in which in this case they can also be natural or artificial.

Both cochineal carmine and carminic acid are excellent natural alternatives for these applications since they are very easy to use and dose. They also have excellent properties for this application such as, long time of storage (up to two years), stability to light and temperature and wide range of pH of application.

IMBAREX, specializes in the development, production and elaboration of high quality natural colorants following all international standards and norms.

We currently offer colorants that achieve a wide range of colors. We have offices in Lima, Mexico, Sao Paulo and Barcelona from where we supply more than 50 customers in all continents.

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