Red colors trends for alcoholic beverages

red colors trends for alcoholic beverages

Sales of alcoholic beverages across Latin America are estimated to have declined by 11% by 2020.(1) That shows that manufacturers now need much more to ensure that the products they produce appeal to consumers today. 

Euromonitor analysis has found that the experience of confinement is driving Latin American consumers to seek out impressive new alcoholic beverages with little or no alcohol content, including “hard seltzers” that offer opportunities for success.(2)

Hard seltzers are proving hugely popular in many parts of the world, largely thanks to their “better for you” image, in fact seven out of ten consumers of hard seltzers say health drives their choice of alcoholic beverage type.(3) Many hard seltzers have lower levels of calories and sugar than other alcoholic beverages and can provide a fresh and fun option with exciting flavors.

Hard seltzers are part of the ready-to-drink (RTD) sector, which was the only alcoholic beverage category to see volume growth globally in 2020.(4) According to market research firm IWSR, the success of RTD beverages last year was not only owned by the impact of confinement, but also by the growing demand among consumers for refreshing, tasty and softer beverages to consume.

Red color is a crucial part of the appeal of many of these beverages. The use of strong, bright colors can help elevate the drinking experience, showcasing exciting new flavors and giving them the “Instagrammable” factor. Color can even influence taste enjoyment, with pinks, reds and purples associated with an increased perception of sweetness.(5)

IMBAREX® can provide the perfect solution. Our products are made from a variety of non-GMO inputs, and using physical processing methods such as crushing, temperature, and evaporation. They are declared on the label with the name of the ingredient, which is very easy to understand and ensures widespread consumer acceptance.

Our IMBAREX® food products are perfectly aligned to help manufacturers meet the growing demand for innovative alcoholic beverages, providing a spectacular visual impact on consumers.

If you would like to know more about IMBAREX colours, please contact us.

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