Sale of Natural Dyes

venta de colorantes

The IMBAREX natural colorants sales team is a multidisciplinary team, made up of highly qualified professionals who are dedicated to advising our clients around the world. Sale of Natural Dyes IMBAREX.

Our sales executives will provide you with the best information according to your company’s needs and requirements depending on the application of the colorant and the color you wish to achieve.

With them you will be able to coordinate the shipment of samples of our products for the corresponding tests and also they will send you all the necessary documentation and certificates for the homologation of the product.

We will also send you our best offers which will translate into savings for your company.

Our sales team will also keep you informed about the latest developments in carmine and other dyes, as well as new developments and innovations in the field of natural dyes.

Color is very important in food because it direclty affects consumer’s perception of the product and influences the purchasing decision process. Sausages, meats, cheeses, jellies and even drinks that are consumed contain dyes that seek to improve the visual appeal of the product. Although it was common to find synthetic-origin dyes for this purpose, today, more and more companies in the world are using dyes of natural origin.

It is worth mentioning that you will be able to communicate with us and receive advice in the language of your choice since our staff is fluent in Spanish, English, Portuguese, French and German.

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