Sao Paulo will host Food Ingredients South America 2018

food ingredient southamerica 2018 Sao Paulo

This year, Sao Paulo, the economic capital and main business hub of Brazil, will host the most important fair for the food industry in South America.

During the last few years, there has been a rapid industrial growth in Brazil. This is not only due to the great step of becoming one of the biggest export forces in the world, but also to the positioning of Sao Paulo as a business hub.

Sao Paulo is the best place to start and develop businesses in Latin America. For years, this city has become an ideal meeting point for the development of commercial activities. Its business infrastructure, centrally located and accessible to the main industrial locations, has made this capital city capable of holding large and important fairs, congresses, and conventions.

Food industry is one of the most resilient industries in the Brazilian economy, with Sao Paulo as its main source of income. When opportunities in market niches are considered, i.e., in segments where competition is not based on price but on the differentiation of supply, Brazil is considered worldwide as one of the countries with the best context in terms of domestic consumption strength, evidencing an enormous market to exploit.

This year, in August, the main event of the food ingredients industry in Latin America, Food Ingredients South America 2018, will be held in Sao Paulo with new highlights, reinforcing its position as the main meeting for the food and beverage ingredients industry in South America. The fair will be held at the Transamerica Expo Center from August 21 to 23.

This event is a showcase for the sector’s biggest launches, representing the best opportunity to find new products, services, and suppliers. It is also the best way to stay current on industry practices as it brings together top-level experts who explore the latest nutritional findings.

Among the over 700 companies that will be exhibiting in the fair’s pavilions, IMBAREX will also be present to receive the more than 9,000 visitors that are expected to attend this year. In addition to this important participation, this year we are inaugurating new local sales operations at our headquarters in Brazil. For more information about our local sales in Brazil, and the products we offer, please contact us and our sales forces will assist you in any way.



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