Shades of Natural Colorants

shades of natural colorants

Natural colorants provide a great variety of shades for any food for human consumption, dog food or drug, providing an intense and attractive color. They are the main substitute for artificial colorants, which are produced with chemical products and are harmful to the health of consumers, not immediately, but in the long term generating heart problems, respiratory or other serious alterations.

Among the main natural colorants we have the reddish natural colorant, which is obtained from the cochineal, the carmine colorant is considered the most stable. Then we have the yellow dye, which is extracted from turmeric and annatto, these are recognized for the amount of nutrients they provide in food when applied, resulting in health benefits for the individual. They are found in food products such as yogurt, cheese, milk, pastries, confectionery, etc.

We also have the natural orange colorant, which is obtained from annatto, which as mentioned above, generates benefits to human health, improving eyesight, rejuvenating the skin, helping the digestive system, as well as being a source of vitamins. This colorant is used in meats, beverages, condiments, dairy products, bakery, confectionery, etc. Finally we have chlorophyll, from which a natural green colorant is obtained, which is implemented in sweets, beverages, dairy products and other food products. It gives a natural appearance to the products to which it is applied.

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