Supplier of Colorants for flavours, fragrances and condiments.

proveedor de Colorantes para sabores, fragancias y condimentos.

In the food industry there are many ingredients and additives that are used to give foods the characteristics desired by the manufacturer. These characteristics are technically known as organoleptic properties, i.e. everything that the consumer can perceive of that product with his senses.

On the one hand we have the flavors and fragrances, which are additives, used in the food industry, to give a food an odor and / or a characteristic flavor that usually have a liquid presentation.
On the other hand we have the condiments, these also seek to give flavor and color to the food but generally are granulated compounds or powder containing ingredients such as garlic, onions, peppers, herbs, preservatives and dyes among others.

What both flavors and fragrances and seasonings have in common is the use of colorants in their composition and preferably use natural dyes.

It is known that one of the main factors in the consumer’s purchase decision when it comes to food is the colour of the food, since it is one of the visual characteristics of the food that most stands out apart from the labelling on the packaging. This is why the use of excellent quality food colours is very important.

At IMBAREX, we are proud to produce natural colorants of the highest quality such as Cochineal Carmine, Anatto, Paprika, Curcumin, Chlorofyl among others. Our products are successfully used for the production of aromas, fragrances, flavors, meat products, candies, pulps, pharmaceutical products among others.

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