Technological ingredients in food

technological ingredients in food

Technological ingredients are those substances of natural or chemically synthesized origin that can be used in food production for the different technological functions they perform.

All of them are subject to strict regulation and their use always guarantees their safety for consumers in advance. These ingredients are not indispensable, but without them it would not be possible to commercialize many of the foods available on the market today.


According to the AESAN, these are substances that are not normally consumed as foods, nor are they used as a characteristic ingredient of foods, but are added for a technological purpose: to add color or sweetness or to prolong their shelf life, among others. They must meet three premises: be safe, respond to a reasonable technological need and not induce. They must appear in the list of ingredients of the food, indicating both the technological function and the additive in question.

At IMBAREX we have the best colorants in the international market, since we fully comply with the three premises stipulated by the Spanish Agency for Food Safety and Nutrition (AESAN).

We currently handle a wide portfolio of colors, among which cochineal carmine, annatto, paprika oleoresin, chlorophyll and curcumin stand out.

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