The Cochineal Carmine Market

mercado del carmín de cochinilla

Cochineal carmine is a natural dye, very efficient and widely used in the food industry because it has excellent characteristics and gives the food a coloring that ranges from light red to dark violet.

Compared with other food industry dyes that achieve a reddish colour, carmine has the same or better quality, colour stability, storage time and variety of applications.
It differs from these dyes mainly due to its natural origin. This is a very demanded and valued property by the manufacturers and consumers due to the awareness that exists nowadays about the importance of the quality of the food for a healthy life.

This natural dye is marketed worldwide, and has numerous applications. From meat products such as sausages or salami, sweets or jelly beans, soft and energy drinks, fruit extracts and pulps, pharmaceutical industry among others.

However, the production of this dye is geographically very limited. Only in some countries like Peru and some areas of Mexico is it possible to obtain, thanks to the specific climate of the area.

IMBAREX is the world leader in the production of cochineal carmine dye. We offer this dye in its water-soluble, oil-soluble and liquid variants, as well as a whole line of high quality natural dyes and ingredients.

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