The important role of natural colorants in ‘Clean Eating’

Social media has transformed the world in a way rarely seen in history, with the ease of connecting with the whole world in a few seconds has seen the emergence of behavioral trends that are developing around the world equally.
One of the trends that has been making a lot of noise lately is “Clean Eating”, which with its more than 50 million results is considered one of the biggest trends of the moment. This trend, as its name suggests, is about leaving aside ultra-processed products and encouraging the consumption of products with more natural ingredients.
The main sticking points in this trend is the use of synthetic additives and colorings, either for product preservation reasons or just for aesthetic reasons.
This Clean Food trend is supporting the consumption of products that use natural colorants in their formulation such as carminic acid, carotenes, chlorophyll, anatto among others.
At IMBAREX we have a wide range of natural dyes suitable to be used in all kinds of products. Contact us here so that our staff of experts can help you with the choice of the right colorant for your product.

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