The Origin of Natural Food Colorings

Natural Dyes in Asia

The main function of natural food colorings is to give a better appearance to processed foods, to make them more attractive to consumers and to make them stand out from the competition. Nowadays, these natural colorants have replaced the artificial ones due to a worldwide trend of consumption towards the natural, since the natural ones are extracted from plants, insects and fruits and vegetables, while the artificial ones are elaborated with chemicals.

The artificial ones do not offer any nutritional value, while the natural colorants, besides giving color to the products, contribute with vitamins, antioxidants and other elements that increase the nutritional value of the food due to their origin. We have colorants obtained from cochineal, from which we obtain the red carmine colorant, we also have colorant obtained from paprika from which we obtain a red/orange color, turmeric from which we obtain a yellow tone, we also have the colorant obtained from annatto from which we obtain a yellowish red color and finally chlorophyll from which we obtain a green tone colorant.

In the past, the flavor was not completely eliminated when processing these natural materials to obtain the colorant, but with today’s technology it is possible, which is why they have become much more attractive. That is why at IMBAREX we recommend the use of these natural colorants, which will make your product much more attractive to today’s consumers. To receive a personalized advice with one of our representatives click on the following LINK, and you will be indicated the ideal product based on your needs.



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