The unicorn food color trend

Effets négatifs des colorants artificiels

Unicorns are known for their bright and varied rainbow of colors, which makes them even more magical and attractive. But how can these colorful shades be created naturally? The answer is through the use of natural colorants.

Natural colorants are extracts obtained from plants, fruits, vegetables and other natural products and are used to add color to foods, beauty products and other products. Compared to artificial colorants, which are synthesized in a laboratory, natural colorants are healthier and more sustainable.

For example, red can be obtained from beet or cochineal extract, yellow from turmeric and green from spinach. More complex and unique shades can also be created using mixtures of different extracts.

Natural dyes can also be used in the production of beauty products, such as makeup and hair products. For example, pink color can be created from beet extract and purple color from grape extract.

Natural colorants are an attractive option for those looking for a more sustainable and healthy way to add color to their food. Using plant, fruit and vegetable extracts, it is possible to create a wide range of vibrant and unique colors, such as those of a unicorn’s rainbow.

At IMBAREX we have a portfolio of diverse colors perfect for use in all types of foods. Contact us here so that our group of experts can advise you in choosing the right colorant for your product.



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