The use of chlorophyll dye in natural beverages

tonos atractivos en bebidas

The use of natural colorants has been a popular topic in the beverage industry. With consumers demanding greater transparency from beverage producers, the use of colorants derived from natural sources has become more important to producers.
According to a study conducted by a firm in Chicago, USA, showed that 50% of consumers prefer products with natural ingredients that they believe are good for their health; 62% avoid synthetic colorants when choosing a beverage to purchase; and 69% said they prefer beverages with recognizable ingredients.
Within the beverage industry, there is one category that is experiencing astronomical growth: natural, vegetable-based beverages. Often, due to the production process itself, these types of beverages lose their characteristic green color, and that is where chlorophyll comes into play as a natural colorant for beverages.
Chlorophyll, being natural and very versatile, is the most demanded colorant to give green color to many beverages that require it.
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