The use of natural colors in sports supplements

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Sports supplements, as their name indicates, are products consumed before or after physical training in any type of exercise. In the market we can basically find two types of sports supplements: Natural and Artificial.
The main difference between these two types of supplements is based on their composition. While artificial supplements are especially concentrated in huge doses of sugar and caffeine, natural supplements use little or no sugar and caffeine, focusing on providing amino acids and other nutrients to maintain blood sugar levels, metabolism, and energy.
A crucial point to keep in mind is that artificial sports supplements often use synthetic colors to visually appeal to the consumer. That radiant blue color that can mean power and strength. However, many of these synthetic dyes are related to cancer, under numerous scientific studies from various countries in the world.
For reasons that can be clearly seen in other industries, the producers of these supplements are rapidly replacing these synthetic colors with natural colors that do not carry these long-term health problems, as well as provide safety and long shelf life.
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